Former President Áñez is transferred to Tórax Hospital

Former President Jeanine Áñez was moved from the emergency room to a clinic for health reasons, the lawyer for former head of state Luis Guillén confirmed to Los Tiempos.

According to the information, the ex-president was admitted to the thorax hospital in the city of La Paz after noon.

“They would refer her to the cardiology department at Tórax Hospital, and at noon they transferred her so that she could do a full analysis,” Guillén told Los Tiempos.

He claimed that, according to the exit document, “it must be an emergency exit card”.

“The IDIF medical certificate suggested a cardiac exam and she was in poor health, pretty sensitive. We were in the audience yesterday and she didn’t get out of bed, she was pretty sensitive,” he said.

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He alleged that the prison system’s response to a request for a medical examination was “late” and regretted that “his right to health is not protected”.

“They’re taking her to a hospital and we hope the studies are done properly and not just meet the tax liability requirements,” he said.

Yesterday, attorney Guillen reported that the Forensic Research Institute (IDIF) carried out the ex-president’s assessment and requested that she be treated in hospital for her heart problems.

Áñez has been detained since last March on charges of the alleged “coup” of 2019.


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