Former police commander charged with Senkata case

As part of the investigation into the tragic events of Senkata in 2019, the State Department accused former police commander William Cordero of ordering 509 soldiers to be sent to the YPFB plant with their proper weapons.

In this case, the joint action by the police and the military is being investigated to exfiltrate fuel tanks on November 19, 2019, which resulted in deaths and injuries from firearms.

According to the indictment, Colonel Cordero was actively involved in planning, conducting and monitoring joint military-police operations that day.

“With Memorandum – Summons No. 0696/2019, the defendant ordered and ordered the eviction of 509 police officers into the Senkata area and its surroundings, and it is stated that the police contingent involved had their weapons of the regulations with them.” (9mm pistols), ammunition that matches the projectiles and splinters found on the deceased “indicates the allegation that Erbol agreed to.

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In this case, the crimes genocide, manslaughter, serious and minor injuries are investigated.

In the indictment, the public prosecutor’s office calls for Cordero to be detained in San Pedro prison for six months because of procedural risks such as the likelihood of authorship, risk of escape and others.

Since his whereabouts were not known, Cordero was summoned at least twice by edict so that he sympathized with this process.

William Cordero was appointed Departmental Commander of La Paz on November 15, 2019 by Memorandum 4040/2019.

In this case, the events of November 19, 2019 are being investigated when the army and police carried out an operation to exfiltrate fuel tanks from the Senkata plant while protesters opposed Jeanine Añez’s government. According to the prosecutor, the events ended with 10 dead and 31 injured.

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As part of the trial, the former ministers Arturo Murillo, Luis Fernando López and Víctor Hugo Zamora are being investigated and charged. They are also former military and police chiefs.


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