Former officer sent to prison for alleged gas transfers from Argentina

The La Paz Seventh Supervision Court has ruled that Renzo AF, former Director of Ceremonies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be held in San Pedro prison for six months. The former officer is charged with the illegal arms trade and material misrepresentation in the gas case.

The information was confirmed to the ANF agency from the State Ministry, the precautionary hearing took place this Friday. The person under investigation was arrested by police near Plaza Murillo.

The former officer was arrested Wednesday after giving evidence to prosecutors on the case.

According to the investigation, the former official forged a letter that enabled the elite Argentine group Alacrán to enter Bolivia without dismissal, which arrived with tear gas.

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“The Bolivian judiciary has established the arrest of Mr Renzo AF, a former Foreign Ministry official who would probably have helped bring weapons and ammunition from neighboring countries such as Argentina onto the national territory,” said Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo after the defendant’s arrest.

The trial was opened on the crimes of the illegal arms trade, material untruths and resolutions that violate the Constitution and the law. Former Defense Minister Fernando López and the Arturo Murillo government are involved in the investigation.

In this case, the former Argentine President Mauricio Macri and other former officials of his government are under investigation in their country.

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