Former MP warns PGE investigation aims to

Former La Paz MP Amilcar Barral warned that an investigation launched by the Attorney General’s Office (PGE) would seek the Mayor of La Paz and the President of the Council, who are part of a list of 30 officials that was held during the administration of the former minister for public works Iván Arias Durán.

Barral published a documentation request sent to the current Minister of Public Works Edgar Montaño via a on the 26th of the state according to the management board of November 2019 and 2020.

The requirement does not explain what the Attorney General is investigating and relies on a supreme decree, Law 064 and the Political Constitution of the state to supposedly “promote, defend and protect the interests of the state.”

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The former MP assured that the Attorney General’s office is assigning functions that are beyond their jurisdiction, as it has to deal with files in international litigation where millions of dollars are at stake against the Bolivian state.

In addition to Iván Arias, the then Head of Transparency at the Ministry of Public Works and current Council President Jorge Dulon and the former Deputy Housing Minister Rodolfo Ameller, now planning secretary of the city mayor’s office, are investigated.

“A communal coup is brewing in La Paz,” he said in press releases, in time to point out that the government and the MAS want to remove the authorities that democratically won the elections from their positions, as is the case Cochabamba Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa and efforts to destabilize Chuquisaca Governor Damián Condori.

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