Former MP confirms that the leaders of Senkata and Sacaba are public officials

Former deputy Amílcar Barral confirmed that Ismael Marquina, a former sergeant and representative of the Sacaba victims, works in the government ministry and that Gloria Quisbert Ticona, leader of the Senkata victims, is an official in the ministry for development.

“We want to show that they are not looking for justice for the dead. First, they are politicizing this issue used by the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) and they want more money than they have already received, ”Barral said.

The former MP pointed out that Quisber took part in a protest march against former President Jeanine Áñez during working hours that Friday.

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“We pay Bolivians to civil servants who can enter and leave their offices at any time just to conduct politics. They are not looking for justice, they want to be politically active and scrub Jeanine Añez’s situation further, ”he said.

Data from the State Comptroller Office shows that Marquina has been with the government department since February 10, while Quisbert was hired in March. {


In early March this year, Marquina held a conference to explain his “appointment” as inspector in the Directorate-General for Registration, Control and Management of Seized Assets (Dircabi).

At that time, the former sergeant assured that he had applied for a job in the government ministry like any other citizen and was not receiving any political advantages.

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Marquina was arrested in November 2019 and taken to El Abra Prison, where she was denounced for selling weapons and tear gas grenades to MAS-related sectors.


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