Former military chiefs present the book and Evo's statements to refute the allegations in the

Former military chiefs Gonzalo Terceros and Palmiro Jarjury presented the prosecutor with a memorial for their dismissals in the case of the so-called coup d’état, to which they attached part of Evo Morales’ memoirs and his statements on his resignation from the presidency, with the aim of showing that the ex -President in 2019 decided to resign at the suggestion of the Bundeswehr (armed forces).

General Terceros was in command of the Air Force and Admiral Jarjury was in command of the Navy. Both were at the press conference at which the Bundeswehr proposed the resignation of Morales on the afternoon of November 10, 2019, and are now in preventive detention for terrorism, sedition and conspiracy in the so-called coup.

The prosecution’s indictment accuses Jarjury and third parties of facilitating the creation of an unstable environment, supporting the proposal for the armed forces to resign and forcing a state of panic to be maintained that has forced the elected government to resign.

In his defense, the former military chiefs put forward various arguments, such as the words of Evo Morales.

The former commanders took a passage from the book “Volveremos y Seremos Millones” by Evo Morales in which the former president referred to the resignation decision and pointed out the following: “So I slept with a clear conscience, the resignation decision was a good calculation in order to get a To avoid massacres. I quit on Sunday ”.

On the basis of this text, Terceros and Jarjury concluded that Morales decided to resign on Saturday 9th November, and therefore the proposal to resign on 10th November did not trigger that decision.

His memorial also transcribes part of the speech in which Morales publicly announced his resignation: “We are resigning, I am resigning precisely so that my sisters and brothers, leaders, authorities of the socialism movement, may not be harassed, persecuted, threatened. I very much regret this coup and some of the police to undermine democracy … ”.

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The military noted that at no point in this speech did Morales mention or mention the armed forces as the predominant, predominant, or important factor in the decision to abandon his constitutional mandate.

They mentioned that they had even seen Morales’ message with Kaliman and then Defense Minister Javier Zavaleta and that he commanded the military unit until 30 hours after the resignation of the first president.

To support their version, Terceros and Jarjury also mentioned the book “Coup d’Etat to Evo The (un) Told Story of a Conspiracy …” by Juan Carlos Corzón. The same text was used by the prosecution to argue the allegation.

In this book it is argued that the idea of ​​resignation was already ready before Morales traveled to Chapare on November 10, from where his resignation from office became known.

To confirm the version that Morales had decided to resign prior to the proposal by the armed forces, the military also testified that the then head of the Military House, General Milton Navia, had told Kaliman as early as noon on November 10th that Morales would resign become the presidency.

They also recalled the statement made by José Antonio Quiroga, the former political coordinator of the Comunidad Ciudadana, who testified that he had met with MAS officials, Manuel Canelas and Adriana Salvatierra, before the armed forces’ proposal and informed him that Morales had decided have to resign.

“As a result there was the announcement of various social sectors and even the COB itself, which always accompanied the management of Evo Morales, as well as the ombudsman, they asked him to resign, but this resignation was already accepted and hours before the address of the aircraft that to take him to Chimoré, the place where he would declare his resignation, ”they added.

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At their memorial service, Terceros and Jarjury also assured that they were not fully aware of the statement that Kaliman had read out on the afternoon of November 10th, as the Commander-in-Chief had ordered it to be drawn up.

They denied that it had been discussed at the time, but stated that they obeyed the then commander Kaliman in a disciplined manner and followed the last instructions that Evo Morales gave them on the 4th to produce facilities and without fear of anyone.

The role of Áñez

The two soldiers denied having helped Jeanine Áñez take over the presidency, as reported by the prosecution.

They also denied that their allegations attributed repression on orders of Áñez, violation of human rights, and “nuclear verbs of the criminal nature of terrorism” since they assumed their position on the night of Añez’s 12th presidency.

“Especially for both of us, Ms. Áñez never gave us the order to suppress the protests, which resulted in fatal deaths and injuries, because we – we repeat – as soon as we knew that the president had changed, we made our positions available almost immediately, and We third and Jarjury, for the first and only time we saw Ms. Añez on November 12, 2019 at around 11 p.m. and we never received an order from the above lady, ”they assured us.


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