Former Macri officials are said to have sent police materials to Bolivia

An Argentine prosecutor on Monday charged three former members of the government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) with allegedly delivering ammunition and riot gear to Bolivia to suppress protests in November 2019 following Evo Morales’ resignation from power.

The measure was decided by the public prosecutor in the Claudio Navas Rial case, who asked for the investigation into former Chief of Staff Marcos Peña, former Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie and former Secretary for Strategic Affairs Fulvio Pompeo to be broadened.

The indictment came after the incumbent Argentine Security Ministers Sabina Frederic and Justice Minister Martín Soria, as well as the Chief of the Treasury, Mercedes Marcó del Pont, brought all of the applicants in this case new evidence of justice last Thursday.

According to the prosecution, Navas Rial was of the opinion that “the elements brought together by the complainants allow a preliminary strengthening of the hypothesis of the case initially presented”.

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According to the prosecution, the new evidence justifies “drawing the investigation’s attention to the conduct attributed to Peña, Faurie and Pompeo in relation to their alleged involvement in the organization and development of the necessary conditions for the deployment of the gendarmes and the weapons material”. “To Bolivia” in violation of the proper control exercise of the customs service.

The prosecution had already indicted Macri, the former Argentine ambassador to Bolivia Normando Álvarez García, the former security minister Patricia Bullrich and the former defense minister Oscar Aguad in this case.

He had also already indicted Gerardo Otero, the former head of the Argentine gendarmerie, Rubén Carlos Yavorski and Carlos Miguel Recalde, former directors of logistics and operations, and the former gendarmerie commander Adolfo Héctor Caliba.


The first lawsuit was filed last July and focuses on the alleged “illegal delivery of arms and ammunition” to Bolivia, “repression material” which, according to the complainants, was made available to “the dictatorship” by Jeanine Áñez.

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The complaint came after Alberto Fernández’s government launched an administrative investigation to gather records of the alleged delivery of materials to Bolivia.

The material is said to have arrived on an Argentine Air Force plane that was launched on Aug.

Argentine troops arrived in La Paz the day after Áñez assumed the presidency after Evo Morales left power on November 10th.

According to the administrative investigation conducted by the Argentine government, official records show the releases of firearms, ammunition, bulletproof vests, pepper spray and harassment gas hand grenades, among other things.

New evidence presented last week includes entry documents into Casa Rosada, the headquarters of the Argentine executive branch, dated time 12. Location.


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