Former Deputy Finance Minister Carlos Schlink is arrested over the IMF case

Prosecutors have established the arrest of the former Deputy Minister of Finance and Transitional Public Loans Carlos Schlink in the case of the loan processed before the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2020.

Schlink’s lawyer, Audalia Zurita, considered the arrest to be unlawful because – he protested – there was nothing in the investigation protocol that linked him to the commission of criminal offenses.

He alleged that in the statement his client denied having signed a contract, processed or processed the loan. He said the prosecution charged him on common facts for which other former authorities were responsible.

Shlink previously said that he found out about the process while trying to honeymoon to Punta Cana over the weekend but was prevented from doing so by an immigration alert.

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The former deputy minister was arrested by police between Saturday and Sunday and arrived in La Paz on Monday afternoon to appear before the prosecutor, after which his arrest was confirmed.

In this case, the $ 327 million loan administered by the IMF’s interim government is being investigated. The money was paid out even though the transaction was not approved by lawmakers. The central bank decided during the MAS administration’s tenure to return these funds, arguing that there had been irregularities, even though this implied that the Bolivian state was paying interest to the organization.


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