Former counselor responds to questioning about objects

Former legal advisor to Mayor Percy Fernández and Angélica Sosa, José Negrete, came out to respond to the complaint of 800 ghost items in the Santa Cruz Mayor’s office that allegedly caused economic damage to 48 million Bolivians, the prime suspect of which is the former boss Associate Antonio Parada Vaca.

“Every item is perfectly identified, there is no place where you can get lost or where you can make the irregularity. In Percy Fernández and Sosa’s previous administration, there were 3,857 employees on payroll, in addition to 4,721 contingencies, ”he told the press.

He explained that assigning an item requires a minimum of 52 steps and takes more than 15 days to complete.

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“It is impossible for anyone not to realize the existence of alleged people who would act as officials,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Jesús Nazareno cooperative, identified by MAS parliamentarians as part of the irregularities, has issued a statement clarifying that the payment of salaries to community officials is in accordance with all regulations and said that they would do all the cooperation with the investigation of the State Ministry.

On the other hand, Justice Minister Iván Lima said that they are going to complain through the Vice Ministry of Transparency and that an international investigation is being carried out to legitimize illegal profits.

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According to the complainant and ex-partner of the main suspect, Valeria Rodríguez, Antonio Parada is said to have used the money from the ghost items to buy property and vehicles in the United States.


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