For the commander, the burning of police units would be a case in which no results can be found

After prosecutors released 24 people from the investigation into the burning of police units in November 2019, the commander of the olive unit, Jhonny Aguilera, believed this case falls into the category of those who cannot be found.

“There are various circumstances that do it because the statistics show that cases that didn’t exist are reported, cases are investigated without finding the results. This seems to me to be the case with which we are now facing, “said Aguilera of the investigation into the burns of 2019.

Prosecutors have decided to fire 24 people for burns recorded by police units in El Alto on November 11, 2019 on the grounds that there is insufficient evidence to support the conviction it has ratified.

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The police chief said that the most recent ratification by the public prosecutor’s office “has already exhausted the cycle that exists according to the norm in such circumstances.”

“If, under these circumstances, it would not have been possible to identify who was responsible, regardless of what might have emerged from it, it cannot be punished because there is no one who can be punished and it is not the only case,” he said Commander in this regard.

He also pointed out that the investigation into the case had already elapsed more than 18 months, which is the maximum amount of time to take action against those responsible.

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The ratification of the dismissal was released last week by El Alto human rights representative David Inca.


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