Following the IACHR's decision, Añez's defense says

After learning of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) rejection of the precautionary measure demanded by Ex-President Jeanine Añez, attorney Jorge Valda, part of the former President’s defense, warned that there were other instances for the former agency “back after Home ”.

“This situation (the rejection) is just another solution, like the judgments presented here, there are other cases, there are other options and logically we will bring Jeanine Añez back home very soon,” said the lawyer.

The IACHR denied Añez’s motion for precautionary measures, but left open the possibility that the former president could make a new motion.

“Taking into account the information provided by both parties to the IACHR, the file corresponding to this request for precautionary measures has been duly closed,” states the first of the two pages of the IACHR, issued on October 7th and by the Executive Secretary of the IACHR , Tania Reneum.

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Añez had requested the precautionary measure to defend herself freely because her rights had been violated by the deprivation of liberty in a due process that was later “divided” and her life was not guaranteed for lack of proper medical care.

“You had the feeling that all this socialist authoritarianism was slowly receding, unfortunately one of its tentacles reached the IAMR,” said Añez’s lawyer.

Añez has been in preventive detention since mid-March this year in a “coup d’état” accused of the crimes of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy. In a “settlement” of the proceedings, she is accused of non-compliance with unconstitutional and illegal obligations and resolutions.

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