Following the IACHR ruling, Áñez's defense sees asymmetry and prepares new resources

Former President Jeanine Áñez’s legal defense found that the IACHR’s refusal to provide precautionary measures to the ex-president was due to “demonstrable asymmetries” as the state used its entire institutional framework to obtain evidence that are a disadvantage for lawyers.

Even so, the ex-president’s defense affirms that there are still several scenarios that can be addressed both internally and externally and that they will not rest until the former president is recovered and out of jail.

The government celebrated the IACHR’s decision. The domestic regime claimed that the denial of precaution disrupted the entire campaign of her relatives, lawyers, and the like, who “wanted us to believe” that she was attacked by the MAS.

Luis Guillén, the ex-president’s attorney, said the IACHR’s decision was “eclectic” because, despite rejecting the demand for precautionary measures, he made several recommendations to the state, including whether to protect his health and whether he was being held at liberty will.

“The state has provided evidence to confirm that the ex-president was treated appropriately, this draws our attention as the evidence assessment is asymmetrical. We technically respond to the doctors given the ex-president’s risk situation, this reality only with the assessment of private doctors, but the state has a large number of institutions and elements that they have used to generate evidence, ”he explained.

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He stated, “There is an asymmetry in the evaluation of evidence that we believe the IAHR should have taken into account. We are not in a similar position to the state ”.

Guillén made it clear that the defense believes the IACHR is not biased as the organisation’s recommendations are favorable to the former president.

“The defense is not going to break down against the IACHR, we do not see that this is a totally positive decision for the state, but we believe that the recommendations it has made are progress and we believe that the state should respect them . ” he said.

He said the IACHR’s response to ensure the ex-president’s health was “this is progress, it is an important statement.”

Government position

National Director of Prison, Juan Carlos Limpias, said the latest IACHR report thwarted the entire campaign of her relatives, lawyers, and the like, who “tried to make believe” that they had and had not suffered attacks on their integrity have access to adequate health care.

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He stated that the IACHR report showed that “the prison administration has never violated any rights, health or any other case related to Ms. Áñez,” and rejected the “fallacies, irresponsible statements of Ms. Spokespersons ñez “back. Áñez, family, lawyers who came at the expense of the prison administration’s work ”.


Former President Jorge Quiroga has posted on social media that there are actions that have exposed the IACHR’s bias, including the silence it maintained at the time regarding the perpetual re-registration of Evo Morales and the timely adoption of precautions for like-minded MAS citizens . B. Ombudsman Nadia Cruz and former Defense Commissioner and current Vice Secretary of the Interior Nelson Cox.

Quiroga alleged that Tania Reneum, general secretary of the IACHR, was Áñez ‘”executioner” in denying alternative measures, a decision that contradicts the GIEI report as she advocates preventive detention and denies access to a clinic.


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