Following the Arce announcement, Mayta believes that vaccine purchases are

Chancellor Rogelio Mayta assured today that after announcing the purchase of six million doses of the immunizing Sinopharm, it would be “nonsense” for local or departmental governments to try to buy vaccines.

“The vaccines are already enacted and the national government will purchase them. Additionally, if a local or departmental government speculates that they may want to buy more vaccines, we can show them the way, but that would be nonsense. If they have already been bought, why are they going to buy others, that would be unnecessary waste, and that’s what I mean when I say we have to get rid of political propaganda, ”Mayta said.

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The Chancellor assured that if they have this intention, they must “articulate” with the Ministry of Health.

“They have to be articulated, our laws stipulate that there is a governing body, which is the Ministry of Health, so the departmental governments have to articulate themselves, there have been several meetings with these bodies. We have to dive into this articulation and there the authorities from all sides have to put political interests aside, I believe that we are here in a formula to win everyone and everyone has to play their role responsibly, ”he said.

Mayta also referred to the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee’s proposal for a quota to buy vaccines, but noted that after learning more about the company, she learned it was a “ghost” acts.

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