Five elderly people are in a nursing home in Oruro after the Covid outbreak.  in the intensive care unit

The Director of the Oruro Department Health Service (Headquarters), Dr. Juan Carlos Challapa, expressed concern about the coronavirus outbreak in a nursing home. So far, there have been 77 positive cases, five of which, according to the authority, have been taken to the intensive care unit.

“Twenty-five elderly people have been transferred to the Epidemiological Intelligence Center, 10 elderly people have also been transferred to intensive care at the General Hospital, and there are currently five elderly people in the intensive care unit, four of them in the General Hospital and one in the Korea Hospital,” Challapa reported at Unitel -Network.

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According to the report, the virus outbreak began after the celebration of the Day of the Elderly, held between August 26th and 28th. People from outside the institution entered the event to commemorate the day of the elderly.

Challapa stated that of the 77, 45 are male and 32 are female. The elderly were not vaccinated until June, although because they are a vulnerable group, they are supposed to be one of the first social groups to receive the vaccine.


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