Fires in protected areas in Santa Cruz kill two ocelots and other animals

The fires in Chiquitania devastate the surrounding forests, but also kill animals. According to El Deber, two ocelots were found dead today in the Embi Guasu Conservation and Ecological Importance Area, where the fire consumed everything in the area.

The veterinarian, Jerjes Justiniano Ruiz, commented that the animals lost their lives from inhaling smoke caused by the fires of the past few days.

“Carbon monoxide, when burned, causes poisoning in animals that leads to death. We also found birds that weren’t hit by the flames, but died drunk in the same way, ”he complained.

The ocelots were found during the rake of the Santa Cruz government’s commission of experts to collect data on the flora and fauna affected by the fires.

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“To date we have rescued seven animals, including turtles, pejichis and some birds with burns. However, we discovered hundreds of dead species, ”he added.

Species found dead in this park and other parts of Chiquitania include taitetus, armadillos, mountain pigs, and various birds.


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