Filemón Escobar's wife: Died of frustration and betrayal by MAS people

The career of the hardworking politician and trade unionist Filemón Escobar (1934-2017) was recognized by the Senate. His wife Olga Vásquez remembered him as a “great fighter” who died feeling “frustrated” and “betrayed” by members of the movement for socialism he founded.

It was not the MAS Bank that gave her the “Ana María Romero de Campero” award in her memory, an honorary award given to prominent figures in the defense of democracy, human rights and social struggles, but two Senators Citizen Community: Cecilia Requena and Santiago Ticona.

Escobar, better known as Filipo, was one of the founders of the Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (IPSP) and mentor of the former president and current MAS chief Evo Morales. He accompanied this political force until the political break between Morales and Filemón in 2002.

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This Wednesday, MEPs Requena and Ticona presented the award to Filemón Escobar’s family at a meeting of the Senate. His wife remembered him as “a great fighter until the last day of his life to see real change in Bolivia”.

He revealed that his life partner felt “frustrated, perhaps deceived” because the party he sponsored was introduced by people who eventually managed to distance him from this political project that arose along with other leaders.

“He was the sponsor who funded the mines of the Chapare, he wanted to create a party of miners, peasants, that is, the poor people, but there were people who interfered and did it. It’s better for Filipo, this project (MAS) and he was practically betrayed, ”said Vásquez.

He added that Filemón “had to stoically endure what came after, all the frustration he fought for,” he said.

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It showed because there are still people who recognize the work of their predecessors to achieve democracy in the country. He expressed his wish that human rights should always be worked on, “that people are not outraged, that they are not imprisoned, that there is more freedom. We all have to fight to make the country different, ”he said.

Long after the resignation of the MAS and the years of government, he became one of the critics of the government of Evo Morales, especially those who had not founded the IPSP but remained in power as a former vice president Álvaro García Linera; including the former Minister of the Presidency, Juan Ramón Quintana.


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