Fernández says Sosa's lawyers are creating

Santa Cruz Mayor Jhonny Fernández said Tuesday that Angélica Sosa’s legal team was creating “smoke screens” to divert attention from the ghost item case.

Fernández, recovering from Covid-19 and coming out of isolation, referred to statements made by Joadel Bravo, Sosa’s attorney, who yesterday presented alleged evidence of trade in items linking the current mayor of Santa Cruz would.

“Ms. Sosa’s lawyers are only talking about a smoke screen. They are trying to divert attention from the phantom objects of the case. We are not going to get into the political game because the citizens do not expect it,” Fernández said in an interview with Unitel.

For the mayor, the citizen is interested that with all the evidence that is presented to the public prosecutor’s office, and “how much the economic damage was, who was responsible”, “there we are” But everything else is speculation that comes and goes, political that this can contaminate the process. “

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For Fernández Sosa “he had the opportunity to say many things” when he testified to the prosecutor, but “now that he is in prison, he has just started attacking the mayor on social media and distracting himself from this investigation” . Process, no sir, there are steps to be followed by the law “.

“I will be respectful and do my best to provide all information to the prosecutor so that they can make the decision and give the appropriate opinion on this shameful case,” he told the TV station.

According to Bravo, more than 40 items were delivered to current Mayor Jhonny Fernández in 2019, with a fee of up to $ 5,000 for each item.

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“We have a network for trading in items from UCS. The current mayor receives the items through his coalition with Percy (Fernández), he hands them over to his personal secretary and they do everything in Jhonny Fernández’s office, in different departments of the municipality, “denounced Bravo.

Fernández replied that with this allegation they are “trying to divert the attention attorneys are trying to justify the thousands and thousands of dollars they are paying to defend Ms. Sosa, they have the right to do so, but what should not be allowed.” “is to defile the investigation.”


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