FEPC observes draft law to strengthen the fight against corruption

Cochabamba Association of Private Businesses President Luis Laredo today expressed the sector’s concern about the treatment of the Anti-Corruption Strengthening Act.

Employers expressly note the inclusion of criminal liability for legal persons.

“(Observation) is definitely the global issue of the law, but Articles 5 and 26 are really succinct for the national private sector,” he said.

Laredo stated that the project would consider influencing private entrepreneurs for profits and assets in the event of a violation.

The FEPC chairman also regretted that requests for rapprochement with the government were not answered.

“What is worrying is that only for the sector, for legal entities and they shut out the entire public sector, they only attack the private sector, if the agent commits a crime, everyone in the company gets involved,” he said.

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The project includes a number of amendments to the Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure and Law 004 Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz.

Among other things, the standard provides for changes such as the responsibility of legal persons, effective cooperation, derivation of restorative justice, creation of the figure of the institutional plaintiff, creation of new criminal offenses.


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