Felcc hijacks spreadsheets, memos, and cashier's checks linked to the Ghost Items case

Santa Cruz Special Unit to Fight Crime (Felcc) director Edson Claure confirmed Wednesday that documents were seized during the raids on six buildings in the city, including personnel forms, recruitment forms and memoranda as part of the investigation into the alleged 800 Phantom items in the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office.

“In the course of the raids, after a corresponding search, the kidnapping of files on memoranda, employment sheets, personal forms, bank checks and savings banks was found,” said the police chief of Bolivia TV.

He stated that these operations were coordinated with State Department officials to comply with arrest warrants against the principal investigator in the case, former Director of Human Resources Antonio Parada Vaca, and his brother Guillermo Parada.

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He clarified that there are still no official reports of the exodus of the former Santa Cruz community official, for which a report has been requested by the Directorate-General for Migration.

It also pointed out that firearms had been confiscated from the property of Mr. Julio Herbas Aguilera, a former municipal official, and it is under investigation to see if it is in accordance with Law 400.


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