FAB ship made the route La Paz, Chimoré and Tarija to Evo.  gain weight

The planes of the Bolivian Air Force (FAB) based in the city of El Alto traveled to Chimoré to pick up Evo Morales and the members of the assembly Héctor Arce and Leonardo Loza for their political-union meeting in the department of Tarija, which last Saturday was carried out, and later the twin-engine plane traveled the same route to bring the same passengers to the airport in the tropics of Cochabamba.

These data appear in the FAB form for the provision of air transport services, which was published by the representative of Tarija for the Citizens’ Community (CC) Luciana Campero in the Digital Bunker.

In the document, Bartolomé Renán López Guerrero, who was Deputy Governor of El Puente in Tarija, appears as a “user”.

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In addition, it is stated that the provision of the service for passengers and the type of flight carried out are “production”. It states that the estimated flight time is 2:30 hours and the contractually agreed aircraft type is C-90 FAB 050.

The document confirms that it is the twin-engine Beechcraft, which was part of the air ambulance aircraft delivered by the government in 2015 and has not performed this task for more than two years.

“The operator will provide the service from Chimoré airfield to Chimoré airfield,” says the form. In addition, it states that the unit price is 10,500 bolivianos; however, on the form, it also includes a “Pricing Adjustment Payment for User Attributable Delay”.

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In light of the situation, Campero said that “this contract was shown at a press conference by Mayor Williams Guerrero (President of Tarija Municipal Association) and unfortunately no media had the photo of this contract because Mr. Williams was not shown”. it. relieved “.

CC lawmakers announced yesterday that they will be requesting a report to officially understand the use of the FAB aircraft. Meanwhile, there was no comment from the Department of Defense and the FAB.


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