FAB said the plane Evo took was an ambulance;  now deny it

After five days, the General Command of the Bolivian Air Force (FAB) confirmed by a statement that the flight that brought Evo Morales and MAS MPs Leonardo Loza and Héctor Arce for the transfer service from Chimoré to Tarija. He also points out that the aircraft was not designed as an air rescue service.

On July 6th, however, the same FAB informed the representative of the Citizens’ Community (CC) Prisila Dantes in writing that the Beechcraft C-90 aircraft with the registration FAB-050 would be serviced, but also admitted that it was part of the fleet of ambulance aircraft.

“I would like to submit the report to your authority regarding the situation of the four Cessna-210 ambulance aircraft called Paraba mi Salud and a twin-engine Beechcraft C-90GT aircraft,” says the first paragraph of the FAB report.

It suggests that the Cessna planes were in Beni while the twin-engine was in the town of El Alto but none were in service because the Ministry of Health failed to raise funds. When the legislature wanted to review this situation, the Ministry of Defense refused.

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“There is the report that the commandant of the FAB gave us. There is nowhere to get lost, it is said that the twin-engine Beechcraft C-90 with the registration FAB-050 was an ambulance and was in an inoperative condition, ”said Deputy Dantes after reading the published yesterday FAB declaration.

“Covering up the lie is obvious, you have to protect it, you have no choice,” he added.

Meanwhile, Senator Leonardo Loza, who also accompanied Morales on the plane, said: “We traveled from Chimoré to Tarija. To make it clear to the people, neither Leonardo Loza nor Evo Morales did not rent planes; we have been invited, our brothers mayors, councilors, members of the Tarija Congregation have arranged the transport.

He added, “It wasn’t an ambulance plane; it is like any other aircraft that always offers services from this institution to any institution, organization or company.

The controversy began last Saturday when it was reported on social media that the former president was boarding an FAB plane for his party’s meetings in Tarija.


Meanwhile, the Deputy CC Luciana Campero said that the MAS “made its first victim” after renting the FAB plane and condemned the dismissal of the Director of Airports Administration and Aasana Auxiliary Services of Tarija for two days after about the Trip reports. “On Tuesday we went to the airport (in Tarija) to speak to the airport manager, but unfortunately we came across the news that the person visiting us did not take up the position until Monday, August 9th; this change will take place two days after Evo’s trip ”.

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Military “balanced”

The program El bunker digital, which is distributed via Facebook, published photos yesterday showing military personnel gathering near a hangar in which an aircraft and a vehicle within the Air Hunting Group 31 “Grail. Jorge Jordán Mercado ”by Tarija.

According to the program, the photo was taken on Saturday, August 7th, when Evo Morales and MPs from the Movement for Socialism traveled to Tarija to meet with militants from their political party. No FAB authority in this department decided on this complaint or the ex-President’s trip on a state plane.


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