FAB denies that its commander approved the flight that brought Murillo and López to the border

The Bolivian Air Force (FAB) denied Wednesday that its current commanding officer, General Marcelo Heredia, had approved flight number 90/20 of the BAE-32 aircraft that carried former ministers Arturo Murillo and Luis Fernando López from El Trompillo. in Santa Cruz, to Puerto Suárez on November 5, 2020. It is known that the former authorities left the country for Brazil from this destination.

A report by the Santa Cruz Mixed Air Group revealed that General Marcelo Heredia, then Head of Division III of Operations and now FAB Commander, approved the flight following a publication in the Página Siete newspaper.

“The flight mentioned above was not made by Mr. Grail. Div. Air. Marcelo Juan Heredia Cuba approved. It is also clarified that the Bolivian Air Force, in accordance with the procedures established by law, said flight by the Commander-General of the FAB. was approved on duty in 2020 as an official flight in support of the Department of Defense, “the FAB statement said.

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He explains that the heading in this report does not correspond to that of Heredia Cuba, the current FAB General Manager.

According to the document of the “Mixed” Air Group, which was called up by various media, the flight request number 90/20 was authorized with the code 3595 of November 4, 2020 and the flight plan was then carried out back and forth.

In addition to Murillo and López, the BAE-32 carried the former minister Branko Marinkovic and a former official of the Ministry of Defense (photographer) as passengers. The report states that the return plane only brought Marinkovic and the officer back.

The incident occurred days before President Luis Arce’s inauguration in 2020. Former Minister Murillo is currently in custody in the United States and López is allegedly in Brazil. Both have different charges against her.

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In contact with Erbol, Marinkovic said that López had stated that the trip was a Mutún inspection in the Puerto Suárez region and assured him that he did not know the “real intentions” of the flight.

“I went to Trompillo, I got on the plane with him (López). I miss seeing (former) Minister Murillo and he said to me: ‘I’ll go with him, I have nothing to do,'” said Marinkovic .

Murillo’s last public appearance was on November 3, 2020 and he assured then not to leave the country.

Last week, former President Evo Morales surprisingly announced that he had documents on those who knew of Murillo and López’s departure from the country.

“They gave me documents from those who let Arturo Murillo and Fernando López escape abroad. And I will hand these documents over to the President. They are not rumors or comments, it is something documented,” he said.


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