FAB confirms that the plane Evo traveled on was rented and denies it was an ambulance

The Bolivian Air Force General Command (FAB) said in a statement that the flight that brought Evo Morales, Leonardo Loza and Héctor Arce to Tarija was in charge of the transfer service from Chimoré to Tarija. In addition, the note indicates that the aircraft is part of the fleet that belongs to the FAB.

“The one by plane FAB-050 on the Chimoré-Tarija-Chimoré route on 7th Supreme Decree No. 5143, Administrative Order 035/02 and Directive 09/2020, which provide full legal support for this service,” the statement said.

It is also added that the Beechcraft C-90 aircraft with registration FAB-050 is part of the Bolivian Air Force fleet and is even alleged that it was not designed as an ambulance “as some false versions claim”.

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“The entire aircraft fleet is deployed on national territory and fulfills various tasks assigned by law; There is no aircraft in the FAB for exclusive use in one department or institution in the country, ”the statement adds.


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