Exvocal Baptista points out more than a dozen irregularities related to the TSE and the electoral and justice system

Former spokeswoman Rosario Baptista pointed to more than a dozen irregular cases across the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) and the country’s electoral system. In addition, she found that two complaints against the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) were avoided. Baptista made the remarks in a six-page letter.

“And for this unique party (MAS), the Supreme Electoral Court decided not to deal with a complaint. A court decides the cases brought to its knowledge, does not hide them, does not choose what is to be judged and what is not. You are obliged to process everything in accordance with the law, even if it is only rejected. In this specific case, the existence of two reasons that could have led to the cancellation of the legal personality was denounced, one for the use of state property for the election campaign of Evo Morales and the other for discrimination, which is expressly mentioned in the Organic Statute MAS- IPSP approved in 2012, which stipulates that access to public functions should only be granted to party members. On a second occasion, where the same risk existed, the same party confessed that the provision which, in an earlier election, removed the legal personality of a Beni political organization a few days before election day was unconstitutional, and this was officially recognized by the Constitutional Court, that found a way out on the previous occasion not to say it, ”reads part of the letter.

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He recalled that the existence of two reasons that could have led to the legal personality loss had been denounced, firstly because of the use of state property for the election campaign of former President Evo Morales and secondly because of discrimination.

In the latter case it would have been “explicitly in the MAS-IPSP organ statute passed in 2012 that stipulated that access to public functions is only granted to party members”.

He reiterated that there could be many justifications for not dealing with this complaint, including the “political conditions that existed a few weeks earlier, the danger of civil war, a political pact between the various conflicting forces, with the approval of some members, ideological conditioning, financial gifts, personal threats or simple negligence ”.

“No one is a legal reason, nor tied to justice. Neither is for the people and none justifies failing to meet our obligations, ”he said, mentioning that there was an investigation into which evidence was obtained and not legalized based on alleged threats against the officials in charge.

“The ministers on duty refused to hand it over, all during the interim government. Today this complaint is still being processed, many others filed for the same purpose have been resolved, but for different reasons and without valid reason all have been resolved. ” in time. ; not this one, ”he said.

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In his opinion, the electoral legislation is “unconstitutional” and was recognized by the MAS itself when its legal personality had to be revoked, as was the case with the opposition Democratic Unity (UD) in the 2015 subnational elections.

“Failure to correct the system that makes up all organs of public power, distorted by a malevolent will that has hijacked popular sovereignty in favor of a political party, results in the consolidation of a tyrannical government that has dismantled democracy . ”And he will continue to detain those who, like Evo Morales, hold on to power and deceive and betray the very people he claims to represent, whom he has only divided because of lies.

He believed that the time has come for citizens to regain their sovereignty and exercise it directly and legitimately, respecting diversity, free from pressure, blackmail and manipulation of government power, and exercising their right to “the supreme rebellion against the tyranny of “resorting to and oppression”.

“It doesn’t matter where I am. I am with my country and seek to restore human rights and justice, ”he added.


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