Experts support vaccination against Covid-19 for children between 5 and 11 years of age

Vaccination against Covid-19 for children between the ages of 5 and 11 is a suitable measure to protect this section of the population and to prevent it from being transmitted. Among other advantages, doctors and experts agree on this issue.

Politicians, authorities and social circles also support this campaign. Everyone agrees that vaccination needs to be extended to a larger percentage of the population.

“It is an effective, timely, and essential action. Studies carried out in different countries have shown that vaccinating the population over five years of age guarantees several things: first, a return to personal instruction, which is essential; Second, it prevents this age group from getting serious illnesses because the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting sick, but it prevents serious symptoms and prevents death, that is, it prevents people from dying from the disease, “said former Health Minister Guillermo Accounts .

Epidemiologist Carlos Aguirre argued that the best vaccine is the one that “is there” and not waiting for Pfizer or Moderna, so he urged parents to visit vaccination centers.

“In the situation we are in, we are interested in the fact that the majority of the population forms antibodies, a vaccination is essential. What parents should care about is that our children do not get sick and our children cannot pass this disease on to those who do not get vaccinated, “he said.

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Bolivian Medical College President Luis Larrea said he was okay with this vaccination procedure but what fails is the strategy as it is being used in a disorderly manner because there are people of other ages who have not been vaccinated. against Covid-19.

“We agree, but if we find it so easy to get vaccinated just to get vaccinated (…) the Medical School is concerned about what might happen later, that you cover small sectors but will tomorrow You have hospitals. ” fully. The strategy of vaccination is that the cases decrease, that people are protected, but we do not have protected people compañera.

He explained that there have been variations of Covid-19 in other countries, such as Omicron, but after vaccination, i.e. mutations of the virus in people who have already been vaccinated.


Reports regret that pseudoscientific information is being disseminated that circulates through networks and creates uncertainty, which is why he urges the population to ignore it.

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“Ignore this information, all vaccines that are used worldwide are vaccines with the same therapeutic effect, they create immunity. The manufacturing mechanisms were different and when it is said that they are not authorized it is simply regulations that the countries have, ”he said.

They call for studies on vaccination in children

The decision to vaccinate children between the ages of 5 and 11 against Covid-19 has been described as positive by members of the opposition and the ruling national assembly, but some have called for studies to back up the decision.

Senator Henry Montero asked the Department of Health to provide the reports or the results of scientific studies to keep parents who bring their children to vaccination centers safe.

“As a doctor, we ask the Minister of Health (Jeyson Auza), based on scientific knowledge and not on political speeches, to submit the scientific work that can certify that the vaccine used in this age group is really safe.” especially children, “he said.


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