Expert: Delta variant spreads faster and is resistant to vaccine-generated immunity

Roger Carvajal, member of the Scientific Committee of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA), warned of the risk that there would be with the possible arrival of the Delta variant from India. The specialist explained that this variant is five to six times more contagious than the original virus that attacked Bolivia in the first and second waves.

“The variant spreads 2.5 times faster than the English variant, and the English variant spreads 2 times faster than the original, so it (the delta) is almost 5 or 6 times more widespread,” said he.

In addition, according to the specialist, it is resistant to the immunity produced by some vaccines. The scientist reported that some countries that decided to lift biosecurity measures due to the Delta variant outbreak are again calling for the use of chin straps, distancing and others.

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A study conducted in England, where the Delta variant already exists, shows that 12% of those who contract the virus arrive at hospitals with complicated health conditions, Carvajal warned.

The delta variant practically haunts the country, as cases have already been identified in Argentina and Chile.

Detecting the delta variant is difficult, says the specialist, “because you have to make an entire sequencing structure with this genome sequence of the virus, so technology is required.”

Symptoms “According to clinical data, symptoms can vary widely in people who become ill, but people can experience more severe symptoms that occur between 3 and 4 days, which was previously between 10 and 12 days,” he said. .

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How do we prepare? According to the scientist, the government must very consistently demand compliance with the biosecurity measures.

She has to implement more intensive therapy beds, because when the Delta variant arrives, many patients have to go to hospital.

Authorities must also manage the installation of oxygen systems.

Ultimately, the population must continue to maintain biosecurity measures for their safety and that of those around them.


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