Expanded of the Six Federations of the Tropic evaluates government management

The six tropical associations are carrying out an extended evaluation of the municipal, departmental and national administration this Thursday.

The event will take place at the Central Eterazama in Villa Tunari, in the presence of the President of this social organization and national head of MAS, Evo Morales, authorities of the municipalities of the tropics and representatives of the central government, including the Vice Minister of the Interior Regime. , Marcelo Cox.

Senator and Vice-President of the Six Federations, Andrónico Rodríguez, stated that the expanded administration will evaluate the management of the tropical coca cultivation leadership alongside the administration of tropical communities, government, central government, members of the Assembly, MPs and senators.

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“The management of executives, executives, but also the public administration of our mayoral offices, the departmental and state government is evaluated,” said Rodríguez.

Education and health issues are also analyzed, particularly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rodríguez stated that one of the decisions will be for classes to be face-to-face in the region in 2022.


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