Excivic from Beni sent to prison after being found with 40 kilos of drugs

Former Mayor of Beni Carlos Dadid Coca, 38, and his brother Juan, 41, were placed under preventive detention in Mocoví prison after being found in possession of more than 14 kilos of cocaine.

“During the hearing, prosecutors presented evidence against the defendants, such as direct police action arresting subjects in a motorized vehicle that contained a purse where the controlled substance was found, evidence of drug trafficking. test that gave a positive result for cocaine, statements, among other things, that the procedural risks of absconding and disability were demonstrated, elements evaluated by the judge who placed the brothers in preventive detention for 120 days,” he said the Beni Departmental Prosecutor, Ruthiar Vásquez

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According to prosecutors, the event was recorded at 5:00 p.m. on January 12, 2021 near Pompeya market in the city of Trinidad when police officers observed a gray van-type vehicle attempting to flee upon seeing the troops , so it was intercepted.

The vehicle was driven by Carlos David Coca, who was accompanied by his brother. When the motorcycle was searched, a blue and black handbag was found in the trunk, containing brick-like packages with a characteristic smell of cocaine.

The two subjects were arrested and taken to cells of the Special Unit for Combating Drug Trafficking (FELCN – UMOPAR), also carried out the kidnapping of the motorized and the controlled substance, which underwent a narco-test that gave a positive result for cocaine with a total weight of 14 kilos with 55 grams.

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