Ex-President Áñez injured himself, police will step up surveillance

Early on Saturday, former President Jeanine Áñez tried to take her own life, presenting cuts on one of her arms. Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo confirmed the information and assured that the former authority was stable.

At the same time, he assured that the former authorities had received appropriate medical care from the doctor at Miraflores Prison, where he has been in preventive detention since last March because of the alleged coup.

“I regret to inform the Bolivian people that Mrs Jeanine Áñez tried to harm herself early in the morning; However, we report that his health is stable and he has a few small scratches on one of his arms and he doesn’t have to worry, “said Del Castillo.

In the past few weeks, the former president’s health has deteriorated and is visible. The preliminary medical report indicates that he has arterial hypertension and shows the picture of severe depression.

At the same time, the minister said Áñez could not explain why she had harmed himself, nor did he explain any other elements in this regard or for what purposes the ex-president made the cuts. He insisted that the wounds were superficial and were not of major concern to his health. He believed that the prison system will decide whether to conduct a psychological examination.

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“The relevant consultations were carried out with Ms. Jeanine Áñez. She says she doesn’t know why she tried to cause any type of injury, but the injuries are superficial and did not cause any significant injury, “added Del Castillo.

Following these events, the national police commander, Jhonny Aguilera, announced that the ex-president’s police protection would be increased to prevent similar events. Although he thought Miraflores Prison had enough staff.

Police also minimized these events and warned that Áñez intended to generate media attention as his health was reported to be stable, according to medical reports.

“The Bolivian police have enough human talent in the case of prisons, but their intention is to generate media coverage with the intent of causing serious harm to us,” said Aguilera.

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Medical Association

Prison Health Director Mariana García insisted on stable health from the former agency after a medical meeting on Friday attended by doctors from Tórax Hospital and others.

He also confirmed that the ex-president has lost weight but is still in perfect condition and it was decided to undergo medical treatment. Therefore, he ruled out his transfer to a medical center for care.

“The medical association comes to the conclusion, approved by all specialists, that Ms. Jeanine Áñez is stable and has no decompensation in her chronic pathology that endangers her health,” he said.

The director of the penal system, Juan Carlos Limpias, assured that the ex-president’s life was never endangered because she was receiving medical care from health workers, and even assured that she had “some privileges”.


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