Ex-Mayor Sosa's husband welcomes the silence after case articles

Sergio Perovic, husband of the former interim mayor of Santa Cruz, Angélica Sosa, appeared this Wednesday to testify before the public prosecutor and exercised his right to remain silent as part of the investigation into the alleged establishment of the public prosecutor’s office. called objects of the spirit in the office of the mayor of Santa Cruz.

Meanwhile, in the same case, members of the Special Crime Fighting Force (Felcc) confiscated records from private property where Percy Fernández’s office worked when he was mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra parish.

This raid, which lasted more than eight hours, was related to an investigation into the ghost items, according to a report by El Deber.

Police officers arrived at the scene yesterday at 9:00 a.m. with the search warrant with Prosecutor Javier Cordero and after 5:00 p.m. they left several boxes full of documents they had loaded into a vehicle to take to the offices of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Secretariat.

Cordero avoided giving details of the nature of the documents seized and did not speak to the press as the case of the ghost pieces is still subject to change. However, police sources confirmed that some areas of the house had been sealed and reports from the mayor’s previous administration had been confiscated.

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“Mr Perovic has appeared as a witness, he has stated that he will be present to show his face, to give a procedural address for any other act and to avoid any kind of distortion in his testimony. At our suggestion, he decided to use his right to remain silent as his legal defense, ”said his lawyer Xerxes Justiniano.

Perovic appeared before prosecutors investigating the case of the 800 phantom objects allegedly created to divert economic resources away from the Santa Cruz community during Fernández and Sosa’s tenure.

“I have nothing to explain, thank you very much,” Perovic told the media, who asked him if he had any contact with his wife.

Perovic was involved in the case based on the testimony of Javier Cedeño, the former director of the municipality’s human resources department, who accused him of being behind an alleged corruption network associated with Sosa.

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Mayor Fernandez

Meanwhile, Attorney General Juan Lanchipa reported that Santa Cruz Mayor Johnny Fernández has been summoned to testify in the case of phony articles concerning the administration of his predecessor, Angélica Sosa, when she was a councilor.

Sosa involved Fernández in his testimony before the prosecutor. He said the former UCS councilor had negotiated an agreement with then Mayor Percy Fernández to create more than 600 contracts.

Lanchipa becomes ALP. called

The President of the Constitutional, Legislative and Electoral Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Juan José Jauregui, announced yesterday that the Prosecutor General Juan Lanchipa will be summoned in the first half of January 2022 to review the progress made in the investigation into the Phantom Items case.

“We will have the attorney general working on it (phantom case) present on the 7th,” he said.


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