Ex-Governor Patzi charged with

The former governor of La Paz, Félix Patzi, was charged with manslaughter and serious to very serious injuries in a traffic accident after staging an accident while intoxicated.

“In strict compliance with the legal framework of Art. 225 of the CPE and Art. 5 num. 1 of Law 260, the Public Ministry for the Defense of the Interests of the State, in accordance with Article 233 of the CPP, demands the preventive detention of the defendant Félix Patzi Paco in San Pedro prison in the city of La Paz.

Three people were injured in the accident. A 74-year-old woman was polypate with post-traumatic lower back pain, herniated disc under treatment, and bruised chest and shoulder. Another 41-year-old woman also suffered polycontusion, while a minor under the age of 10 suffered polycontusion and a mild TBI that is being examined.

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The accident Patzi committed adds to another episode he had in 2010 when he punished himself by making adobe bricks after being found drunk behind the wheel while serving as governor of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) ran for.

On that occasion, he fled the police, but was later arrested again, paid a fine, and was released. Eventually he was withdrawn from his candidacy.


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