Evo used a 2018 photo to try to relate the US to the events of 2019

Former MAS President and National Head Evo Morales posted a 2018 photo to help establish a relationship with the former Chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Bolivia, Bruce Williamson, with the events of 2019.

On his social networks, Morales questioned the alleged presence of Williamson, owned by Jeanine Áñez, as interim president.

“We demand that the US Embassy confirm or deny that the photo of former Chargé d’Affaires Bruce Williamson and former Deputy Secretary of Communications Management of the de facto government, Marco Aurelio Julio, was taken during Áñez’s self-proclamation Legislative, ”Morales suggested.

The photo shows the diplomat in the old Senate Chamber; Much further back you can see Julio, who now works with the opposition bank Creemos in the legislative assembly.

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In his complaint, Morales alleges that “new evidence and evidence confirms the United States ‘involvement in the coup that caused 38 indigenous brothers’ deaths, persecution, torture and extrajudicial executions. The Bolivian people will never give up in their demand for memory, truth and justice ”.

Via his social networks, Marco Julio made it clear that the photo corresponds to the year 2018, when the House of Lords passed Law 397, which modified articles of the Girls, Children and Youth Law.

“Mr. Former President @evoespueblo, make it clear that this photo was dated December 13, 2018, when the Senate approved changes to the code for boys and girls … knew personally,” he explained.

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