Evo summons his bases to work for Wiphala and Arce.  to mobilize

In defense of Wiphala, democracy and the “I fight President”, the leader of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) Evo Morales called for a mobilization in the city of Cochabamba on October 12th.

“On October 12th there will be a great mobilization in Cochabamba in defense of the homeland, democracy, Wiphala, the process of change and the struggle for the presidency,” said Morales on Kawsachun Coca radio.

At the same time, the ex-authority announced that a meeting with the leaders of the social movements in the tropics of Cochabamba would take place yesterday to refine the meeting. She also announced that only 50% of her social base will participate in the concentration.

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“In an emergency, you have to meet at three or four in the afternoon to plan this concentration, although it has already been decided, but you always have to organize yourself. I invite the mayors and councilors to this emergency meeting, ”he said.


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