Evo says the GIEI report confronts Bolivians rather than offering solutions

Former President and Leader of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) Evo Morales reiterated Tuesday that the report by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) confronts Bolivians rather than helping to find solutions to the conflicts that arose in 2019 .

The GIEI report identified the origin of the political and social crisis the country experienced in 2019 as the failure to comply with the results of the February 21, 2016 referendum that prevented Evo from re-registering, which held responsibility for the Morales government and not only Jeanine Áñez’s. The document also identifies several human rights violations between September and December 2019, with Evo Morales serving as state president at times.

“I see the GIEI report confronting the country instead of looking for solutions. We respect, but Bolivia has sovereignty, it has independence, all of Bolivia has dignity. I don’t understand some of the interpretations they make, we respect it. ” A report is safe when it works. We respect the basis for the trials, “Morales replied when asked. He was accompanied by leaders of the coca farmers from Los Yungas de La Paz at a press conference.

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He stated that there were many allegations of his government’s responsibility in relation to the 2019 conflicts, reiterating that he was persecuted by multiple governments and was free from any guilt. He said that many think Evo is manipulating the judiciary. “Which judge, which prosecutor?” He asked.

As part of an effort to reconcile the country in line with the GIEI’s recommendations, Morales pointed out that the leader of the civic community, Carlos Mesa, must first recognize the “coup” and seek justice for victims of violence.

“If, as Vice-President of Bolivia – Carlos Mesa – he has not reformed the Bolivian judiciary. Sure, he knows that this will take a long time, and yesterday he asked for reconciliation, but changed judges and prosecutors. I have the feeling that he wants to do something Arguing with judges and prosecutors, and when he brings up reconciliation, he asks for impunity, ”said Morales.

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Morales is in the city of La Paz and handed over the MAS-IPSP statute to the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) the day before. That night, he met with coca farmers from Cofecay, close to the ruling party, who said they would defend Luis Arce’s government.


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