MAS confirms mobilizations for the 12th and affirms that the convocation of the citizenship is political

Movement towards Socialism (MAS) leader and former President Evo Morales confirmed on Wednesday that he had received and shared information on who helped in the escape of Arturo Murillo and Fernando López, former ministers during Jeanine Áñez’s tenure with that he will meet with President Luis Arce to discuss the matter.

“This morning I had a visitor, they gave me documents from those who have fled Arturo Murillo and Fernando López abroad. And I will hand these documents over to the Brother-President. They are not gossip or comments, it is something documented,” said Morales, interviewed by the Patria Nueva network.

Morales said that among those in charge there are “brothers and sisters who help” what he said the head of state “should act on”.

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Murillo and López, former government and defense ministers respectively during Jeanine Áñez’s tenure, left the country in 2020 and have arrest warrants in force in Bolivia, both in the Sacaba and Senkata cases and for alleged corruption in the overpriced purchase of tear gas.

Murillo is currently detained in the US for bribery and money laundering, while López is still on the run and in Brazil.


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