Evo says he was informed that his daughter was vaccinated as an officer

Former President Evo Morales suggested that his daughter Evaliz, without meeting the age requirement, be vaccinated because she is a civil servant and “in contact with the public”.

“They gave us some information, even in the teaching profession everyone is vaccinated without age control, they told me that it will hopefully be confirmed that all public administration employees who have contact with citizens must be vaccinated,” said the former president before consulting a journalist.

However, contrary to the announcements made for the education sector, there is no known access to vaccines for officials of different ages.

Evaliz Morales, a lawyer by profession, works in the human rights department of the Attorney General’s Office.

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The 26-year-old girl received the first dose of the anticovid vaccine on May 24th without meeting the age group requirement, as confirmed by Chequea Bolivia and Bolivia Verifica. When Evaliz went to the state bank, people over 50 years of age were vaccinated.

Deputy Minister for Epidemiological Surveillance, María Renee Castro, announced this Monday that the Short-Term Social Insurance Supervisory Authority (ASUSS) is acting on the matter and will provide information when it has the data.


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