Evo thought to rule from the chapare in the 2019 crisis and believed it would go as far as

Former President Evo Morales said Thursday evening he needed to borrow money to build his home in the tropics of Cochabamba. Despite the fact that he declared in 2019 that he had a fortune of more than a million Bolivians.

“When a businessman gets into politics, he no longer makes himself a home, you see politics as a different business. I have a certain moral and authority to talk about it: 10 years as a deputy, almost 14 years as president, I have to borrow money to build my house in Villa Tunari, ”Morales said in an interview with ATB.

The leader Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) added: “It is not about politics to make money, but politics to create a homeland.”

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In his affidavit in December 2019, Morales reported 1,191,074 million Bolivianos in assets and 344,557 Bolivianos in income to the General Comptroller of the State, for a total of 1,535,631 Bolivianos, in addition to eight assets.

Months ago, the Página Siete newspaper pointed out that Morales typically has a monthly pension of 21,220 Bolivians. On May 13, 2013, when he was president, he passed Law 376, which aims to provide financial recognition to citizens holding the constitutional presidency and vice-presidency of the state. The rent is 10 minimum wages per month.


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