Evo proposes to the Inter-American Court of Justice and says the ruling is an

The former president and national boss of the MAS, Evo Morales, attacked the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court) on Friday for the ruling against the indefinite re-election. The ex-president assured that the report was an “attack” on democracies.

“The advisory opinion promoted by Duque, the human rights violator in Colombia, is an attack by the coup leader Almagro and his right-wing accomplices in order to politically destabilize democracy. Since they could never beat us in the elections, they use the Inter-American Court of Justice to justify their defeats, ”he posted on his social networks.

Yesterday it was unofficially known that the Inter-American Court of Justice ruled in its opinion that re-election is not a human right.

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In 2019, Morales was reappointed for a fourth consecutive term on the basis of a controversial constitutional verdict sponsored by his party that indicated that re-election was a human right. Morales’ repostulation came despite the fact that the 2016 “21F” referendum rejected this option.

With the ruling of the Inter-American Court of Justice, this argument has been challenged and the opposition is now calling for proceedings against Morales and those who approved the constitutional judgment that led to its renaming.


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