Evo on the GIEI report:

The President of the National Directorate of MAS Evo Morales said Wednesday that the report on the events of 2019 presented by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI-Bolivia) “shows that there was a coup” and said that it was presented becomes the relevant investigations.

“That they show that Evo is corrupt, that Evo is a drug dealer, that they show that Evo has violated human rights,” Morales said at a press conference on the announcement of the liability suit against him.

“It’s their right, but they won’t find anything,” he said.

Government minister Eduardo del Castillo, meanwhile, admitted on Wednesday that human rights violations had occurred during the tenure of former President Evo Morales, but claimed that there was no “active” government involvement in these actions during Jeanine’s time Áñez if that number was given.

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Morales said the report “shows that there was no quorum in the Senate to appoint (Jeanine) Áñez as president and also shows that there was no corresponding quorum in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly,” which “shows that there was gave a coup “.

For his part, President Luis Arce yesterday quoted a fragment of the document and also concluded that what happened in October and November 2019 was a “coup”, despite the fact that the international organization’s expert Patricia Tappatá clarified minutes earlier that the The aim of the investigation was not to determine whether it was election fraud or a “coup”.


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