Evo on his presidential candidacy:

Former President Evo Morales spoke of a possible return to the Bolivian presidency in an interview with the BBC recorded in the tropics of Cochabamba.

Some parts of the interview were broadcast on Radio Kawsachun Coca (RKC).

In a dialogue with the British media, the ex-president asserted that his return to the presidency “depends on the people”.

But if you want to be president again …

Save lives but save our democratic and cultural revolution. And we did it, that was the most important thing. The presidency, I doubt it, I don’t know when there will be another president who works like Evo.

But do you want to be president again?

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For me it’s secondary, that’s not the debate.

Yes or no?

I work here in the Chaco.

I want you to say yes so that I can tell you: Mr President, if you are relaxed here, why do you want to go back to that?

Ah, you don’t want me to be president …

No, but I see you happy, I see you in peace …

Look, that doesn’t depend on Evo, when you make politics, the life of the politician no longer depends on the person, the life of the politician belongs to the people.

So if people ask you …

I have no ambitions. My job right now is to unite, unite, unite and we do.

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In 2017 he also spoke of unity.

When the BBC journalist asked, “Does the presidency need you or do you need the presidency?” Morales replied: The people need the unity factor to continue the process with this revolution.


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