Evo Morales criticizes a minister from Arce and reveals that he has proposed CRE, Cotas and Saguapac.  to

Former President of Bolivia and leader of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), Evo Morales, criticized a minister from Luis Arce, saying that the people had voted in the state for 14 years; He also revealed that he was proposing to “nationalize” the service companies CRE, Cotas and Saguapac.

President Luis Arce had not come to the evaluation meeting of the coordinator of the six federations of the tropic of Cochabamba, “his trip to the president has been suspended,” said Morales to the bases of his organization.

This week saw the first meeting of the government, the main heads of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, alongside President Morales and representatives of social organizations.

He disagreed with any of Arce’s cabinet ministers, although he preferred not to identify him. “I don’t understand any political reading, it wasn’t Lucho (Arce), some ministers said the people voted for three things (…). I will not raise the minister’s name. Voting means health, economics and justice too improve, ”said the former president.

He questioned that the agency also confirms that the economy, justice and health are in order. “I can no longer believe it,” he said, noting that the population voted in 2020 for the democratic and cultural revolution and for the transformations in the country and not just for the three issues mentioned by the minister.

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“As far as I know, the people voted for the continuation of the democratic and cultural revolution, the people voted again thanks to the 14 years,” said Morales in front of a massive presence of the leaders of the coordinator of the Six Tropical Federations.

Morales has headed the state since he won the presidential election in 2005, and was later re-postulated up to two times, despite the fact that the constitution only provides for one re-election.

Noting that health is okay when health is not just vaccines but a range of problems, he mentioned that the economy is moving forward; Regarding the judiciary, he said it was not just about arrests.

“Justice, how to demonstrate that more than 10 soldiers have been arrested, police officers dismissed, the president and two ministers arrested, and he says the judiciary is fine. Justice is not just imprisonment, all justice needs to be improved, ”said the former president.

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On another subject, he said that the “right” had told the opposition that it was “falling to pieces” in Santa Cruz because it was “the center of corruption” in the case of ghost objects. He specified that it was not just a question of corruption, but of the Santa Cruz institutions, administered by oligarchic political groups, their institutions.

In this regard, he said that he had stated that “it is the best time to nationalize the CRE, Cotas and Saguapac”, in his opinion “it would be a profound change in how to raise (…)” commented he.

The meeting in a Colosseum was massive, many of the participants were not wearing masks, according to the video, even the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Nelson Cox, can be seen without a mask.


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