Evo: I asked Áñez to stick with the electoral strategy and avoid a split in the MAS

Former President Evo Morales announced that in 2020 he asked the MAS to keep Jeanine Áñez in power because if she fell and Eva Copa entered, the blue party would lose the elections because of the health and economic crisis could not solve.

He also confirmed that the El Alto people would argue over the charges and that doing so would wear down the MAS.

In a long interview with Radio Kawsachun Coca, Morales claimed he agreed to postpone the elections to October 2020 because it would cause Áñez’s government “to sink into the pandemic”.

In August, however, “many sectors” rose against the postponement and called for a new convocation “in line with right-wing strategy”. “I had phone calls and said we were working out with roadblocks in the cities.” He said he reviewed three suggestions in the broadcast video. Remove Áñez and let a military man, Eva Copa or the President of Justice, take over

“If it were Eva Copa, would partner Eva Copa solve the pandemic problem in a short time? Will it solve the economic problem? Because there is already an economic problem. And here comes the elections with the President of Lucho, and since the MAS has not resolved the pandemic and the economy, we will lose the elections, “he said.

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In addition, “we have to be honest, some social movements among the people of El Alto will argue over charges. That wears us down and we will lose the elections, ”he said.

He said postponing would mean elections in six months or a year. “I’m saying you have to take care of Áñez to guarantee elections,” he said.

He stated that “some comrades were looking for a different draft, like (Felipe) Quispe” with the aim of becoming candidates that a split in the MAS would have created.

“If a comrade, like Felipe Quispe, told a new convocation that he wanted to run, the MAS split. Some comrades who were not with Lucho would have left with their own candidacy, and the MAS split into three or four. It’s difficult to keep MAS together, ”he said.

He claimed he had contacted electoral and constitutional court officials to “guarantee” that the legal status of the MAS would not be “eliminated”.

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“TSE members told me that they were under pressure to eliminate MAS, I spoke to TCP from Argentina and we won this fight,” he said.

He reported that the last few days of the Áñez government “had prepared everything to leave the presidency to the court”.

On August 2, he added, he received a call from the Supreme Court asking him if Eva Copa and Sergio Choque could waive their constitutional succession. “So that? They wanted the president of the TSJ to be president. Be it Eva or Sergio, I said that it is not in our plans to take the presidency, there are elections here.”

He said the interim government tried to form a military police junta, but it failed.

He also reported that the MAS held meetings with the armed forces, police, church and business people to “guarantee” Luis Arce’s property. “They won’t just hand us over even if we win the presidency. We are appointing those responsible for liaising with the armed forces, police, church and private companies to guarantee the possession of Lucho, ”he said.


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