Evo hits Santa Cruz politicians and independent media outlets

Former MAS President and President Evo Morales yesterday attacked Santa Cruz politicians and the independent media again in his Kawsachun Coca radio room, urging prosecutors to investigate whether the funds raised from the ghost items financed the political crisis of 2019 .

“The articles are not the whole department. She belongs to the group of oligarchic politicians who turn democracy into a mamocracy. That’s 30, 40, 50 years of false democracy, ”he asked.

Meanwhile, he said the March for Democracy last November showed he did not need an independent media. “The march that we made from Caracollo to La Paz showed that we no longer need media such as Unitel, the UN network, PAT, El Deber or Página Siete,” he said.

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The case of the ghost items was exposed due to the conflict between a couple, although it was reported in 2018.


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