Evo announces march from Caracollo to La Paz to

The leader of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), Evo Morales, announced this Friday that on the 23rd the process of change and by President Luis Arce.

From Shinaota, the former president warned that the citizens’ committees and those who attended the 2019 events are seeking impunity for their actions and that the government must open up to review Law 1386 if they believe that Errors occurred.

“We decided yesterday that there will be a march from Caracollo to La Paz on the 23rd of this month to support and demonstrate that we are defending democracy and Comrade Lucho (Luis Arce), and we will be on the 29th ( November) be in La Paz. “, He claimed.

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The also president of the Confederation of the Six Federations of the Tropic of Cochabamba said that a new coup was underway because the opposition wanted to take over the government.

“That is why we have declared a state of emergency and permanent mobilization. We will defend democracy and our democratic and cultural revolution,” stressed Morales.

Morales, in turn, does not understand how the authorities and people who were the protagonists of the events of two years ago are still free. He called on the judiciary to take action on the matter.

“Unfortunately, the big guys from the coup are happy and like to have fun, so justice is demanded,” Morales said at a press conference from Shinaota.

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