Evo and Choquehuanca give clues to the peasant women’s congress

Former President Evo Morales and Vice President David Choquehuanca were indirectly launched during the opening of the IV National Congress of Intercultural Women of Bolivia in Puerto Villarroel, held yesterday in the tropic of Cochabamba.

“Many of our leaders have drawn to divisions and outside ideologies, so our process is called the decolonization process, we have to get rid of individualism, we need to get rid of personal ambition,” Choquehuanca said during the ceremony.

“We always have to sow, because if it is not sown, if you leave the potato there, it will disappear, we have to renew ourselves, we have to strengthen ourselves, we need young leaders, especially young people,” added the Vice-President.

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In contrast, Morales replied that “the right wing wants to divide us under the pretext of renewal (…) there is no shortage of enemies and ‘little saws’ who come with a chainsaw to become leaders,” said he.

“Brother David, sisters and brothers, there will be no reconciliation, let’s be honest, here we have to defeat the empire and its lackeys, that is Bolivian law, that is our responsibility, that is why unity is important. The right wing wants to kick out the grandparents under the pretext of renewal, the old men, there are good old and bad old, good young, bad young, it’s their right, ”said the MAS boss.

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