Evo accuses UE spokeswoman of lying and protecting

Former President Evo Morales yesterday accused European Union (EU) Foreign Minister Nabila Massrali of lying about the 2019 crisis and protecting the “killers of indigenous people” to help Luis’ government. “attack”. Arce. The ex-president attacked the international organization from his Twitter account.

Morales rejected what he considered to be a “political act” by Massrali, “who is lying on behalf of the European Union to attack the democratic government of our Brother President. He falsely accuses us of being accomplices at the meeting of the coup plotters in @UCBLaPaz, ”wrote the ex-governor.

Morales was referring to the statement published by the EU in which he “firmly denied” Luis Arce’s allegations in the UN General Assembly and assured that there would be a coup in the country in 2019, sponsored by international bodies, including the European Union have

“The statement by @NabilaEUspox is also that this conspiracy served to ‘prevent more violence’ because the de facto government they sponsored caused massacres and serious human rights abuses. The spokeswoman defends those who murdered indigenous brothers, ”he added.

Former President Carlos Mesa, meanwhile, warned that Arce is endangering Bolivia’s relations with the EU.

“I don’t know if President Arce sees something very important: he is endangering relations between Bolivia and the EU, one of the most important global blocs that we have as interlocutors and also as allies and partners. because it’s a democratic structure, it’s a progressive structure, it’s a structure of collaboration and identity of ideals, ”Mesa said.

The Brazilian government also rejected the statements made by Arce, who accused the Brazilian ambassador of having been involved in an alleged “collapse of the constitutional order” in 2019.

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In a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Brazilian government regretted Arce’s statements and considered the allegation to be unfounded.

The EU responded to Arce’s allegation that this body helped facilitate meetings attended by key actors from all political parties, including representatives of the Movement towards Socialism, led by the Catholic Church and at the express request of the government President Morales.

He added that the aim of these meetings was to “pacify the situation” in Bolivia at a time of “extreme tension” and to create a platform for dialogue to prevent further violence.

The Bolivian Foreign Ministry replied that the study of the 2019 crisis in Bolivia will determine “the level of responsibility of the national and international actors” who intervened in these events.

Bolivia remains embroiled in a controversy between the ruling party, which has asserted that Morales was overthrown in a coup, and its critics, who claim his resignation and crisis were the result of fraud allegations in favor of the ex-president in the failed 2019 elections Generals, then canceled.

The opposition politician blamed the MAS government and the head of state for the “destruction of democratic institutions” because they had supported the “coup” and produced a series of declarations, arrests, and others through the prosecution and judiciary.

Arce at the UN spoke of a “coup”

In his speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) last week, President Luis Arce reiterated that there had been a “coup d’état” in the country in 2019 and blamed the actors for it. National and international.

In conclusion, allow me to say that, after an unfortunate coup in November 2019, the plurinational state of Bolivia regained its democracy in October 2020 thanks to the unity, struggle and conscience of the Bolivian people, which was ratified in the ballot boxes. said Arce in his speech.

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Brazil rejects attacks and demands respectful relationships

After the European Union and the Brazilian government have rejected President Luis Arce’s allegations of alleged involvement in the “coup d’état”, the former president and leader of the civic community, Carlos Mesa, hopes that the Kingdom of Spain will also manifest itself in this line.

“I am pleased that the European Union has made it clear that this is completely wrong, that it denies and condemns the statements made by President Arce, and that the Brazilian Embassy, ​​which attended a preliminary meeting on November 10, did so. We need to hear about the Kingdom of Spain. Let’s hope they do because they were part of that process too, ”he said.

The EU refuted Bolivia’s President Luis Arce on Thursday. He firmly stated that he did not take part in the alleged “coup” in 2019; Instead, he stated that they enabled meetings to bring pacification to the country at the head of the Catholic Church and at the express request of President Evo Morales’ government.

The Brazilian government followed suit this Friday, regretting that Arce had accused its ambassador in La Paz of unsubstantiated “violation of the constitutional order” during the 2019 crisis.

Brazil reaffirmed its commitment and respect “with the full validity of the democratic rule of law in the countries of the region”. He also reaffirmed his willingness to have a respectful relationship with Bolivia.


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