Eva Copa to Luis Arce: Just as we guarantee your triumph, we will guarantee you the end of your term of office

El Alto Mayor Eva Copa this Saturday expressed her full support for the continuity of President Luis Arce Catacora until the end of his term and assured that the people of El Alto will not allow them to destabilize the national government .

To convey a “strong hug” from social organizations and neighborhood councils, Copa told him, “Take the President into account, and I want to be very clear, we people of El Alto will not allow them to destabilize” our government because here, in El Alto, our President Luis Arce Catacora won with 77.7%, the highest percentage in cities for today’s government and just as we guarantee his triumph, we will guarantee that his term of office will end because he does is to work with our people ”.

Arce visited the convention center along with Health Secretary Jeyson Auza to launch mass vaccinations at 14 health centers offered by the mayor’s office, and in the speeches, both authorities gave indications of health consensus.

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Copa was a dissident of the MAS in the last local elections and assured that the people of El Alto suffered a lot and shed their blood in October 2003; The same thing happened in November 2020 when people were jailed for attacks on health and terrorism, and that’s why the people of El Alto decided to fight for democracy regain, he commented.

The mayor recommended that vengeance should not be confused with justice for the Senkata dead and assured that they will not rest until the signatories of the chartered decree are in jail.

He said the vaccination campaign launched by President Luis Arce shows its quality because he is not interested in color or political position, but in saving lives by vaccinating the population every day.

“We are happy to be working with our mayor, who will provide us with the 14 vaccination points and it is very important that all people of El Alto get vaccinated because a fourth wave is coming,” said Arce, who did not mention the support uttered by the mayor a while earlier and limited himself to embracing him profusely as the mayor’s authority finished his speech and approached the main stage to resume his seat.

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The President said that they had decided to deliver the cans directly to the mayors and to abandon the bureaucratic process that the health services of the departments entail, because the most important thing for the central government is to take care of the health of the population To take care of.

“El Alto is with Lucho and Lucho is with El Alto,” said the president of the group of doctors present to continue the task of vaccinating the inhabitants of the city of El Alto.


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