Eva Copa to Evo:

El Alto mayor and dissident of the Socialism Movement, Eva Copa, said former President Evo Morales should apologize in a burlesque way for a city that supported him for 14 years and fought for his return to the country Then the ex-authority said that the Alteños would fight over ministries if Eva Copa took over the presidency.

“Brother Evo Morales, the former president who has received great support from the city of El Alto in his efforts as president, we fought for him to return to the country and to return with all the rights that a Bolivian citizen has, he must be “aware to apologize to our city. It’s not good, maybe it was a slip up, but it’s not good to refer to our city in a burlesque way, it bothers me, “he told the media.

The Alteña Authority reacted angrily to remarks by the former president, who videoed the MAS strategy to win the 2020 parliamentary elections, when social organizations called for former President Jeanine Áñez to resign.

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Then Morales recalled that given the hypothesis of sñez’s resignation due to pressure, alternatives were being proposed as to who could take the presidency, as he said the military, Eva Copa and the President of the Supreme Court were proposed.

“I say that if it were Eva Copa, the people of El Alto will fight over ministries. We will fight each other,” the former president can be heard saying. Copa said she was “upset” by these words, all the more since this city stood up to the conflicts of October 2003 and 2019 because they left grief and pain among the people of El Alto.

“We are fighting against the dictatorship, we stand firmly for the restoration of democracy, El Alto was filled with grief and pain and we never thought of fighting for ministries, and even if they do not give us, we will continue for our rights fight and for “better days.” for our brothers, “he told the media.

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He doubted that the former authority and chairman of the MAS would mock the issue and make fun of themselves “we lived in very difficult times where there was a lot of pain and grief”.

After Morales’ resignation in November 2019, residents of the city of El Alto mobilized and marched down into the center of the city almost daily; more than 10 people died in this city during the political crisis this year.

Copa also questioned whether the issue was raised by Morales as the grand political strategy, when in reality the battle between MPs and Senators was being waged by the Plurinational Legislative Assembly to pass a law calling parliamentary elections with the aim of “Return of Democracy.”

Morales, former Vice President Álvaro García Linera and former Health Minister Gabriela Montaño, have sought refuge in Mexico; another group of ministers fled to the Mexican embassy in Bolivia, while others chose to remain silent.


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