Eva Copa:

Former Senate President and current Mayor of El Alto City, Eva Copa, confirmed that Adriana Salvatierra called her in November 2019 to ask her to resign, confirming other versions arguing that it was an instruction for collective resignation of the Senators and MPs of the Movement for Socialism (MAS).

“Adriana (Salvatierra) called on me to resign. Eva never told me, Monica told me. “Monica, call these girls, they have to stop.” (I said) “Why do we have to resign? I will not resign, I have not done anything, I have not killed anyone, I will not resign, I will stay,” said Copa in an interview on the F10 HD channel.

Former MAS Senators Omar Aguilar and Giovani Alfonsín announced in recent weeks that Aldo Camacho, who was Senate Communications Director in November 2019, had sent a message via WhatsApp that all lawmakers should resign and that the instructions were from Salvatierra.

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Copa stated that these moments were very difficult because after Evo Morales’ presidency resigned, neither the police nor the military respected the state’s political constitution while the country lived in fear as the conflict continued.

He pointed out that when he was proposed to assume the presidency of the Senate, he was his first reaction to rejection, but after speaking with the rector of El Alto Public University, he finally accepted on the condition that the ” Decisions “are made here”.

He claimed he took the presidency at a very difficult time. “I don’t want to be innocent or the devil’s advocate, but I think if these things hadn’t happened, there wouldn’t have been an Alteño in the presidency of the MP and Senators. They installed us because it was our city that mobilized and has fought ”.

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Salvatierra recently admitted that at some point the collective resignation of legislators had been discussed, but denied having given any instruction on the matter. He also said that there is no power vacuum, but that the opposition is using intimidating actions to urge all authorities that are constitutional successors to step down.

Copa denied that the Áñez government was “in no way” legalized in approving the Electoral Invitation Act, he said, stating that the rule was drafted in the plurinational legislative assembly and that the executive branch does not have a comma.


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