EU rejects Arce allegations about the alleged

The European Union (EU) on Thursday denied President Luis Arce’s allegations against the body’s former ambassador, León de la Torre, for alleged involvement in “breaking the constitutional order” in the 2019 crisis.

“The EU firmly rejects President Luis Arce’s accusation against the former EU ambassador to Bolivia, who claims that he participated in the ‘collapse of the constitutional order’ in connection with the political crisis in Bolivia in 2019,” the EU said. Explanation.

The EU ratified that in November 2019 the European Union helped to facilitate meetings with key actors from all political parties, including representatives of the MAS, under the leadership of the Catholic Church and at the express request of the government of President Evo Morales.

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“The aim of these meetings was to contribute to the pacification of the situation in the country at a time of extreme tension by creating a dialogue platform, in order to avoid further violence and to end the crisis that shook Bolivia. . Other countries have also contributed to the facilitation process at different times, ”the statement said.

The EU declared that it “works in all areas for a solid and constructive relationship with Bolivia based on mutual respect”.

At the UN assembly last week, Arce accused the EU, the OAS and other countries of participating in the alleged “coup” of 2019.


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